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Gordon Statement On Supreme Court Education Funding Decision

TRENTON – Senator Bob Gordon (D-Bergen) released the following statement today on the Governor’s response to the Supreme Court decision on school funding:

“Governor Christie failed to lead when he refused to accurately fund education last year. It was a move he knew full well would result in devastating cuts to our schools and our children. Now that the court has made its decision, he is again failing to lead by refusing to come up with a solution to the problem.

“The answer is clear. Our underfunded schools need to be funded at adequate levels. We in the 38th know full well the consequences of the Governor’s action. Nine school districts found themselves $20.6 million short of where they needed to be because of his cuts. The lack of these much needed funds has played havoc on our schools.

“This should not be a matter of funding one particular area of the state. It should be about adequate funding for all, including our suburban and rural areas. The Governor’s failure to lead has brought us here, but we in the Legislature will be taking up the slack.”