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Gov Fails To Mention ‘Tool Kit’ & Touts Sweeney’s Efforts On Health Care & Pension…that Can’t Be Right, Can It?

A view of the Senate Chambers from the 2010-2011 Senate Reorganization.

Only 70 Ways Left for the One-Way Governor to Blame the Legislature For His Property Tax Increases

TRENTON – Using old quotes can be fun…especially when it shows the governor to be a hypocrite. Check out this statement the governor made while standing next to the Senate President on March 23rd in Camden County:

“The urgency that is now forcing this (shared services) is the 2% cap and the pending pension and health benefit reforms that the Senate President and I are working on together right now. When those things happen, you know, the 2% cap will be completely real then. You have an interest arbitration cap, pension and benefit reform that will control those costs. Then the municipalities are going to have no place else to point the finger if they are asking for referenda to override the cap.”

Notice the lack of any mention of the need to pass the remaining ‘tool kit’ bills to help towns deal with the 2% cap. Also notice the mention of the Senate President working cooperatively to try and get pension and health benefit reforms done.

Guess when you aren’t on a taxpayer funded campaign stop your rhetoric changes a bit.

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