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Hundreds of thousands of people have weed convictions in N.J. They could soon be able to clear those records.

New Jersey’s troubled expungement system could soon get an overhaul after both the state Senate and Assembly passed a bill Monday that would make many changes.

It’s now up to Gov. Phil Murphy to decide whether to sign the bill into law or veto it.

If the Democratic governor signs the bill, it would make clearing criminal records easier to come by in a state that has one of the most burdensome expungement processes in the country, as reported earlier this year by NJ Advance Media.

The plan would allow people in the state with marijuana convictions to apply to clear their records immediately. Since 1990, nearly 1 million people in New Jersey have been arrested on marijuana charges, according to the state judiciary.

It would also reduce the amount of time that people with non-marijuana convictions have to wait before they can apply to clear their record.

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