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Karcher Statement On Early Presidential Primary In Assembly

TRENTON – Senator Ellen Karcher, D-Monmouth and Mercer, issued the following statement today on the expected Assembly approval of her bill, sponsored with Senate President Richard J. Codey, to move New Jersey’s presidential primary to the first week of February:

“For far too long, the voters of the Garden State have been inconsequential in presidential politics, voting long after the major party candidates had been decided by other states.

“The only time New Jerseyans got to interact with the candidates for the Chief Executive were when the candidates swept into town for a high-priced fundraiser, usually to raise some fast cash to pay for media campaigns in other states.

“Democracy cannot work when the voices of nearly 9 million people are silenced by the egos of States with much smaller populations. New Jersey houses much of the country’s wealth, the pharmaceutical industry, and we’re the ninth largest in population. We need to have much stronger representation on the national political stage, not a token primary election after the candidates have already been chosen.

“I’m glad that the Assembly has taken swift action on this bill, and look forward to Governor Corzine’s signature, so that the disenfranchised primary voters in New Jersey can play a role in next year’s presidential campaigns.”

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