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Kenny: Meaningful Discussion On Property Tax Reform Must Include The Constitution’s Uniformity Clause

TRENTON – Senate Majority Leader Bernard F. Kenny, Jr., D-Hudson, who also serves as Co-Chairman of the Joint Legislative Committee on Constitutional Reform and Citizens Property Tax Convention released the following statement regarding today’s hearing on the Uniformity clause and tax exemptions:

“The main focus of today’s hearing was to get all of the facts and opinions of the different groups affected by New Jersey’s Uniformity Clause and how it affects them individually. We’re researching the pros and cons of the Uniformity Clause and evaluating the effects of classification in other states. The committee has taken on this task because meaningful discussion on property tax reform cannot be held without dealing with the Uniformity Clause. We are also examining various constitutional and statutory property tax exemptions, which will be handled more in depth at a later hearing.

“I believe that reform is overdue, but we must make sure that any changes that are made are in the best long-term interest of all taxpayers. Let’s do the best job we can now, so that we’re not back here five years from now, dealing with the same issues.”

The Uniformity Clause is a part of the Constitution that regulates property taxes within municipalities. Without the Uniformity Clause, municipalities would be able to develop tax structures for different types of property.

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