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Latino Caucus Stands in Solidarity With Ukraine

Trenton – In the name of free peoples everywhere, members of New Jersey’s Legislative Latino Caucus today issued the following statement in support of the people of Ukraine fighting for their homes and their lives while facing an unprovoked military attack from Russia:

“Though Ukraine is on the other side of the world, we stand in solidarity with its people, its military and its democratically elected leaders. The unprovoked attack by Russia on this free and sovereign nation brings us the grim reminder that we must never take the idea and principles of democracy for granted.”

“We offer our thoughts and prayers for the people of Ukraine now under siege, and for the many thousands who are fleeing as refugees. We offer our shoulders of support as well to the thousands of New Jerseyans of Ukrainian descent who have been shocked by the carnage and death taking place in their homeland. We join with freedom-loving people around the globe in calling for a peaceful end to this action, and a resolution with basic freedoms and liberties for the Ukrainian people left intact.”