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Legislative Latino Caucus Calls for Fair Representation in BPU Projects

Trenton – On behalf of the Legislative Latino Caucus, Chairwoman Nellie Pou issued the following statement urging the Board of Public Utilities to prioritize minority and underserved communities as they move forward in building a greener, more efficient energy grid in New Jersey:

“There is no question New Jersey needs to invest in transforming our energy grid. We need to take all reasonable steps towards clean, renewable power. We urgently need to upgrade our entire energy eco-system from power generation to transmission and distribution. We need to transform to Green Energy to mitigate the effects of climate change.

“This is not a call to slow down the BPU’s proposals or projects, but a request to ensure that within any action, investment, hiring and projects pursued by the BPU, minorities and underserved communities are given equal opportunities. Our communities of color have long felt the adverse effects of pollution and dirty energy. It is only right that these communities share in the benefits of new investments. We urge everyone involved to help correct decades of systematic exclusion that our communities have experienced when it comes to building a green future for New Jersey.”