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Legislative Latino Caucus Supports Bill to Provide Financial Relief to Taxpaying Immigrants

Trenton – In response to Make the Road New Jersey’s report and in full support of S-2480/A-4171, a bill to provide support for taxpayers previously excluded from coronavirus relief programs, the Legislative Latino Caucus issued the following statement:

“We in New Jersey love to tout our state as the most diverse in the nation. We like to say all are welcome, and consider ourselves a sanctuary for immigrants of all creeds and backgrounds. This legislation is the action that backs those values by supporting every taxpayer in this state, documented or not.

“Thousands of hard working New Jerseyans have a taxpayer identification number, pay into social security, unemployment, Medicaid and Medicare, but receive none of the benefits if they lose their job or get sick at work. Today many of our essential workers, those we have asked to brave the frontline of this pandemic and keep our communities and economy running, have been risking their lives with no support from the state or the federal government. This not only puts our communities at risk, it falls short of the standards and values we hold as a state.  This legislation would ensure that we live up to the promises we have made to all New Jerseyans.”

Members of the NJ Legislative Latino Caucus include: Senator Nellie Pou, Senator M. Teresa Ruiz, Senator Nilsa Cruz-Perez, Assemblywoman Annette Chaparro, Assemblywoman Angelica Jimenez, Assemblywoman Yvonne Lopez, Assemblyman Pedro Mejia, Assemblywoman Gabriela Mosquera, Assemblywoman Pintor-Marin, Assemblyman Annette Quijano.


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