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Legislative Latino Caucus Urges New Jerseyans to Get Counted

Trenton – With the census deadline fast approaching, the New Jersey Legislative Latino Caucus reiterated the importance of taking the time to get counted and ensuring friends and family do as well before the form closes on September 30th. The Caucus includes Chair Senator Nellie Pou, Senator M. Teresa Ruiz, Senator Nilsa Cruz-Perez, Assemblywoman Gabriela Mosquera, Assemblywoman Yvonne Lopez, Assemblywoman Annette Quijano, Assemblywoman Eliana Pintor-Marin, Assemblywoman Angelica M. Jimenez, Assemblyman Pedro Mejia and Assemblywoman Annette Chaparro.
“It cannot be overstated how incredibly important it is that every single New Jerseyan gets counted in the 2020 census,” said Senator Pou, chair of the Legislative Latino Caucus. “Regardless of your immigration status, how old you are, or how long you’ve been living in the state – if you were living in New Jersey on April 1, 2020, you count! Many of our communities were vastly undercounted in 2010, which had a lasting impact on federal funding and representation but now is our chance to correct it.
“When you go to fill out your census, don’t forget KIDS COUNT! When answering how many people live in your household, don’t forget to count young children, regardless of whether or not their parents live in your home as well. Anyone born on or before April 1, 2020, should be accounted for in the 2020 census.”
Over the next decade, lawmakers, business owners, and many others will use 2020 Census data to make critical decisions such as: what communities need new schools, new clinics, new roads, and more services for families, older adults, and children. The results will inform how hundreds of billions of dollars in federal funding are allocated to more than 100 programs, including Medicaid, Head Start, block grants for community mental health services, and the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, also known as SNAP.
The results of the census will also determine the number of seats each state has in the House of Representatives and will be used to draw congressional and state legislative districts.
To fill out the census, follow the link here.