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Lesniak – Feed the Poor with a ‘Born To Run’ License Plate

TRENTON – Senator Raymond J. Lesniak today said New Jersey residents could turn their love for native son Bruce Springsteen into a means of helping to feed the poor by purchasing a “Born-To-Run” special license plate.

“Springsteen’s message of hope should be a springboard for all of us to do something positive for the less fortunate,” said Senator Lesniak, a co-founder of Democrats for The Soul Inc., an organization dedicated to promoting volunteerism.

Senator Lesniak sponsored a Senate resolution praising Springsteen for his inspiring music over the last 30 years, including his signature song, “Born To Run.” It passed unanimously with a bipartisan voice vote.

While praising Springsteen and featuring his music in the Senate Chamber, Senator Lesniak said he was inspired to draft a bill today to seek State approval for a special “Born-To-Run” license plate where proceeds would be dedicated to the Community Food Bank of New Jersey.

Under State law, drivers can purchase a special license plate by paying an initial $50 fee and then contributing an additional $10 each year.

“‘Born To Run’ embodies a lot of the New Jersey attitude,” said Senator Lesniak, a native of Elizabeth. “We’re on the move. We go away. We come back. Look at Springsteen. He’s been around the world several times. He could live anywhere. But he still comes back to live in New Jersey.”

Senator Lesniak said he believes the special “Born-To-Run” plate could raise hundreds of thousands of dollars annually for feeding the poor.

“It will be a good way to help people in need and identify with a music legend at the same time,” said Senator Lesniak, himself a veteran of many Springsteen concerts.

The Springsteen resolution passed in the Senate after Senate President Codey allowed Senator Lesniak to play Springsteen’s version of “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town.”

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