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Lesniak: True Communication Would Help on Toll Road

TRENTON – Senator Raymond J. Lesniak, today made the following comments regarding the issue of toll roads, reducing state debt and implementing change.

“I think people get really tired of politicians who rant and rave about the unknown and try to inspire fear to score points for their short-term political agenda. Back in January I spoke out about the need we have in New Jersey to promote economic growth, encourage investment and reduce our state debt.

“I’m still looking for that conversation. I welcome it from those in both major political parties. Governor Corzine has made it clear that he has no intention of either selling or leasing the turnpike or the parkway. I support him on that decision. Can we move on? Do we need politicians on hot days standing outside causing traffic danger on the turnpike, condemning the unknown? It’s a free country, but couldn’t they spend their energy fighting global warming or doing something positive? I think fair and honest people are willing to give Governor Corzine some time to work out the details of what he wants to try. He’s promised to have a full and open discussion of it when it’s ready.

“Meanwhile, I suggest to those who are out there at turnpike exits – that they try to come up with some solid ideas for reducing the state debt and investing in our schools, our higher education facilities, our open space and our transportation infrastructure.

“It will be especially helpful if politicians like Senator (Diane) Allen weigh in with some positive ideas because she was a member of that all-Republican cast in the Legislature which supported the infamous pension bond issue that ballooned state debt by more than $12 billion over 35 years.

“I promise to discuss any ideas they come up with on their merits. Otherwise, can we all take a chill pill on a hot summer day?”

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