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Madden Bill to Combat Inflated Drug Prices Advances Senate


Trenton – In an effort to make prescription drugs more affordable, the Senate today advanced legislation sponsored by Senator Fred Madden, which would incorporate the use of healthcare platforms into the laws governing pharmacy benefits managers, pharmacists and telehealth.


The bill, S-3604, would authorize patients to use a discount from a healthcare platform as part of payment and prohibits pharmacy benefits managers from applying any penalties or disincentives against patients using such discounts.


“Healthcare sites like GoodRx and SingleCare provide free coupons for users to lower their prescription drug prices and increases access to affordable care,” said Senator Madden (D-Camden/Gloucester). “These platforms are helping Americans afford prescription drugs, and this legislation would ensure that consumers are protected and encouraged to use available means and resources to mitigate the current inflation of prescription drug prices.”


The measure would authorize patients to apply healthcare platform discounts towards the payment of services provided as a result of telehealth or telemedicine. The bill would direct patients to notify providers of any identification number in connection with the healthcare platform to promote a healthy patient-provider relationship.


The bill would define “healthcare platform” as an Internet-based service through which a consumer, who may or may not have separate health insurance coverage, may set-up an account or become a member to obtain discounts on prescription or non-prescription drugs or devices and which other services, including telemedicine, may be provided.


The bill was released from the Senate by a vote of 36-0.