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** Media Advisory** Senate Education Committee Hearing To Address Allegations Of Mismanagement By Trenton School District

Senator M. Theresa Ruiz listens to testimony during the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee hearing.

TRENTON – Senate Education Committee Chair Teresa Ruiz, D-Essex, today announced that the Committee will hold a hearing to discuss allegations of mismanagement of funds and spending by the Trenton School District. The hearing will be held on Wednesday, September 15 at 10 AM, in Committee Room 6 of the State House Annex.

The Committee is scheduled to hear testimony from Acting State Education Commissioner Rochelle Hendricks, State Auditor Stephen Eells and Trenton School Superintendent Rodney Lofton, on the allegations, and whether or not there are safeguards in place to ensure that any wrongdoing is stamped out.

“The future of Trenton’s children is far too precious to allow fiscal mismanagement of educational funds, especially funds that have already undergone significant cuts,” said Chairwoman Ruiz.

Chairwoman Ruiz went on to say that the hearing will allow the Senate to get a full accounting of the way funds are allocated and spent. Chairwoman Ruiz noted that, if needed, she and her Senate Education Committee colleagues will author the necessary legislation to ensure that fiscal irresponsibility in the State’s schools is rooted out as quickly and as efficiently as possible. #