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New Jersey Passes First-in-the-Nation EV Battery Recycling Legislation

TRENTON – The New Jersey legislature has passed a first-in-the-nation bill that creates industry guidance for the recycling of lithium-ion vehicle batteries. The Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Battery Management Act (S3723/A5365) provides a framework for the collection, transportation, remanufacturing, reuse, recycling, and responsible disposal of propulsion batteries found in electric and hybrid-electric cars and trucks.


“New Jersey has taken a forward-looking, and holistic view of the true value of these batteries,” said Senator Bob Smith, Chairman of the New Jersey Senate Environment and Energy Committee and sponsor of the bill. “We developed guidance for those in the growing recycling industry that will support innovation, job creation and environmental stewardship from reusing materials and parts.”

This bill aims to support the creation of a circular economy surrounding EV batteries in New Jersey by keeping EV batteries out of landfills, re-using materials to decrease the cost of new batteries, incentivizing job creation in the State, and reducing reliance on foreign mining and the importation of rare minerals.


As the first EV batteries are now starting to reach the end of their useful lifespans, New Jersey will require battery producers submit a battery management plan to the State Department of Environmental Protection. These management plans will include planned methods for the acceptance and transport of batteries. It must also outline the means of recycling, reuse, or repurposing of batteries. It allows for new material or other recycling companies to utilize the batteries or components, and supports manufacturers in their own recycling efforts.


As EV adoption continues to increase domestically, the need for lithium-ion batteries will grow. With the EV Battery Management Act, New Jersey will be poised to take advantage of this increasing demand through the recycling of critical materials and other components.