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New Law Addresses ‘Sexting’

Dear Editor,

We live in an age of constant change and of rapid discovery. As society and technology advances, we must make sure that our laws keep pace and confront the new issues that inevitably will arise.

Governor Christie recently signed into law a bill I sponsored that addresses the issue of ‘sexting’. The law will allow certain juveniles charged with ‘sexting’ to enter into an educational program and thus avoid criminal prosecution. The Attorney General’s Office will develop the program, which will include information regarding the consequences of ‘sexting’, the long term impacts of engaging in the activity, and the possible connection between bullying, cyber-bullying, and juveniles sharing sexually suggestive or explicit materials.

The State of New Jersey must focus on rehabilitation rather than incarceration; on education, not prosecution. By teaching children the dangers of ‘sexting’ we can help stop the activity from occurring and prevent unnecessary punishment. This new law and the educational program it establishes will accomplish that goal.

Senator John A. Girgenti

35th District