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New law allows alcohol consumption in pedicabs, a boost for tourism, industry says

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Charles Daye | June 7, 2022 | Asbury Park Press |


ASBURY PARK – Want to enjoy an adult beverage while riding around Asbury Park in a pedicab? Now you can.

On June 4, Acting Governor Nick Scutari signed a law that will regulate the operation of pedicabs and permit the consumption of alcoholic beverages in them.

The law defines a “pedicab” as a wheeled device that contains three or more wheels, operates manually with pedals, transports passengers for hire, and accommodates no more than 15 passengers.

“Pedicabs offer the opportunity to create a new business sector that will breathe added life into local economies,” Scutari said. “This will give pedicab operators every chance to succeed under a safe, well-regulated environment.”

Jesse Pomeroy, owner of Asbury Pedalcycle, called the bill groundbreaking for his business.


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