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NJ Latino Caucus Condemns Trump’s Census Memorandum

Trenton – In an urgent statement, Chairwoman Senator Nellie Pou issued the following statement on behalf of the Legislative Latino Caucus condemning the memorandum signed by President Trump today that would bar the U.S. Census Bureau from counting undocumented immigrants in the 2020 Census:

“This is yet another brazen attempt by the President to exclude non-white people in this country from our Representative Democracy. This is, by definition, unconstitutional. There is no rational or legal justification for this memorandum. It is a tool to maintain the already skewed power of less dense and less diverse states in our nation and to intentionally under-allocate federal resources to more densely populated communities of color. This is illegal and should be struck down by the judicial branch immediately.

“We are a nation of immigrants, a fusion of diverse origins and nationalities, and that is why, since 1790, we have set out to count every single person that calls America home – 2020 cannot be an exception.”