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Preview- Buono’s Dorm Smoking Ban, Other Key Senate Bills Up In Assembly Monday

TRENTON – The Assembly is scheduled to consider several key Senate bills Monday including final approval for a measure, sponsored by Senator Barbara Buono, D-Middlesex, to ban smoking in college and university dormitories.

“This bill (S-2332) will promote healthier students, safer dorms and greater peace of mind for parents,” said Senator Buono, a parent and health advocate. “It just makes good sense to ban smoking in dorms at a time when the health dangers of second-hand smoke are well known.”

The Assembly also is scheduled to consider Senate bills that would create a Gang Land Security Task Force, expand the power of the Governor to respond to terrorist attacks involving possible biological warfare and clarify that the animal cruelty statute can be used against those who conduct animal fights.

In addition, Senate bills up for Assembly votes also would authorize dam owners to be charged for needed dam repairs, allow seniors to terminate residential leases to gain access to assisted living quarters and ban right turns at red lights at dangerous intersections.

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