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Preview – Senate Budget Committee To Review Budget On Monday

Full Senate to Vote to Block Spam, Prevent Hospital Infections in Afternoon Session

TRENTON – On Monday, the Senate Budget and Appropriations is slated to meet in the morning to review the FY 2008 Budget, followed by a full Senate session in the afternoon to consider legislation which would establish penalties for spam e-mails and establish infection prevention programs in State hospitals.

The Budget Committee is scheduled to meet at 10:00 AM in Committee Room 4. The Senate is scheduled to begin its session at 2 PM in the Senate chambers.

Monday’s Budget panel hearing will focus on reviewing the FY 2008 Budget, including legislative budget resolutions and measures accompanying the implementation of this year’s budget, including a bill sponsored by Senator Nicholas Scutari which would codify contract negotiations with New Jersey’s public employee unions.

The Committee is also scheduled to consider a bill sponsored by Senators Barbara Buono and Bob Smith which would address global warming in the Garden State, phasing in large-scale cuts to New Jersey’s emissions over the next ten years, and a resolution, also sponsored by Senator Buono, to ask New Jersey voters to consider a ballot question dedicating last year’s one percent increase in the sales tax for property tax relief purposes.

In the afternoon, the Senate is set to consider a bill sponsored by Senator Joseph Coniglio which would create criminal and civil penalties for the transmission of spam e-mails. The Senate will also take up a measure sponsored by Senator Raymond Lesniak which would transfer the Division of Elections from the Department of Law and Public Safety to the Department of the State, and a bill sponsored by Senator Buono and Senator Joseph Vitale which would require hospitals to implement infection prevention programs and report the number of certain infections to the Department of Health and Senior Services.

Along with the Senate Budget Committee hearing in the morning, the Senate Judiciary Committee is scheduled to consider nominations, including Acting Human Services Commissioner Jennifer Velez, at a hearing in Committee Room 6 at 10:00 AM.