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** Preview: Senate Committees To Consider Pay Equity, School District Rules, And Family Medical Record Access For Adoptees Thursday

TRENTON � A group of Senate Committees will meet on Thursday, March 4, to consider a number of bills including measures to facilitate equal pay in the workplace, to promote educational stability for children in foster care, and to permit adopted persons to access family medical records.

The Senate Labor Panel will meet at 10 AM in Committee Room 6 of the State House Annex, to consider, S-1395, a bill sponsored by Senator Loretta Weinberg, D-Bergen, which would call upon the New Jersey Council on Gender Parity in Labor and Education to conduct studies and develop guidelines for employers to correct the conditions that lead to gender-based pay disparities.

The Senate Health, Human Services and Senior Citizens Committee will meet at 1 PM in Committee Room 1 to consider a measure to help provide educational stability for children in foster care. The measure, S-1333, sponsored by Senators Joseph F. Vitale, D-Middlesex, and Teresa Ruiz, D-Essex, would allow children who are put into foster care, or placed in a different foster home to remain in their original school district. If the Division of Youth and Family Services determines that remaining in the school district is not in the best interest of the child, the district in which the foster parent resides would become the designated school district.

The Health and Human Services Panel will also consider a group of measures aimed at giving adoptees access to family medical records. One measure, S-799, sponsored by Senator Vitale, would permit adult adoptees and members of their immediate family to access the adoptee�s original birth certificate and other related information. Adoptive parents would be permitted to access the information on behalf of minors. Another measure, S-1399, sponsored by Committee Chair Loretta Weinberg, D-Bergen, would allow adoptees to have access to nonidentifying family medical information.


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