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Rice Applauds State Endorsement of Newark as the Location for NJ’s Amazon Headquarters

Senator Rice

TRENTON – Senator Ronald L. Rice (D-Essex) released the following statement today following the announcement that the state has endorsed the City of Newark’s proposal in New Jersey’s bid to host Amazon’s next headquarters in New Jersey:

“As a legislator who represents Newark, I am pleased that the administration has seen the value of this great city and why it would be such a perfect home for a company like Amazon.

“In doing my research on what this company is looking for regarding its second headquarters, it is clear that Newark meets those requirements.  Newark sits a stone’s throw from New York City, and a drive from Philadelphia and Baltimore. We are an urban area, with communities rich in diversity and culture along with a workforce that is highly-educated and skilled to meet any technological or labor needs.  

“Newark is experiencing a promising upswing of economic activity and redevelopment, and I believe we have a great deal to offer Amazon. The city of Newark is in a great position as we head to the 2020’s. We have the creativity, the motivation and the labor force to make our vision a reality.

“I want to thank the governor, Mayor Baraka and Senator Booker for working together for the people of this area and this state. This is only step one in this process but just knowing that our state is rallying behind this initiative is encouraging. As a representative of the city of Newark, I am proud that our city is getting the recognition and spotlight it deserves in the effort to land a major job creator.”