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Ruiz Issues Statement on Governor’s Budget Address

Trenton – Senate President Pro Tempore M. Teresa Ruiz issued the following statement on the Governor’s proposal to increase investments in pre-school and K-12 education in the coming fiscal year:


“Today’s address was a tremendous start to the budget process in New Jersey. Making investments in early childhood education and our school system is closely aligned with my policy priorities and I look forward to helping craft the Legislature’s budget in the months ahead.


“Early childhood education is pivotal in shaping a child’s academic career. As we continue to increase funding, hopefully, in the near future, everyone in the state will have access to pre-k regardless of their socioeconomic status.


“By continuing to ramp up towards fully funding public schools at the state level we can improve the quality of education while also reducing property taxes. As we work to redistribute school funding so the funding follows the student, stabilization aid will help provide overfunded schools with a smooth transition. With investments in both pre-K and K-12 education, the FY2021 Budget will put us one step closer to fully funding the school funding formula and reaching educational equity in New Jersey.”