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Ruiz Issues Statement on the New Commissioner of Education

Trenton – Senate Education Chair M. Teresa Ruiz issued the following statement praising Governor Murphy’s decision to name Dr. Angelica Allen-McMillan as the new Commissioner of Education:

“I look forward to working with Dr. Angelica Allen-McMillan to reimagine the Department of Education and transform it into a true beacon of hope and repository of answers for students, teachers and parents. I am hopeful we can collaborate to create a comprehensive plan that recognizes the disparities in our education system and embraces policies that bridge the learning divide. Her resume indicates that she can develop both a short-term plan to deal with the challenges we are facing now and long term solutions for a future that moves every child ahead. I am excited for this new chapter to begin for the Department of Education and I look forward to the opportunity to work with Dr. Allen-McMillan to create more equitable schools for our children.”