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Ruiz Praises Introduction of Bill to Create Drivers’ Licenses Accessible to Undocumented Immigrants

Ruiz NJBOE photo 4

TRENTON – Senator M. Teresa Ruiz issued the following statement praising the introduction of S3442, a bill to create a federally-compliant Real ID license as well as a “standard” driver’s license for certain residents including senior citizens, undocumented immigrants and others who lack documentation:

“There are countless undocumented immigrants who pay taxes and go to work every day in New Jersey. They are mothers and fathers striving to make a better life for their children and contributing to the economic growth of their communities. Many rely heavily on public transportation, but others take the risk of driving, despite not having access to drivers’ licenses. Offering undocumented immigrants a pathway to a legal drivers’ license would reduce their chances of encountering legal troubles while trying to make a living, while also making the roads safer for all New Jerseyans.”