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Sacco, Scutari and O’Scanlon Introduce Camera Enforcement Inoculation Act

Senators Nick Sacco, Nick Scutari and Declan O’Scanlon joined together to introduce bill S-2893, which they have titled the “Camera Enforcement Inoculation Act.”

TRENTON –“These camera enforcement schemes have been proven to be about money, not safety” said Senator Sacco (D-Bergen/Hudson).  “You go on a trip through Pennsylvania, Maryland, D.C. or New York City and you receive multiple tickets in the mail a month or more later and you have no way to defend yourself. It’s infuriating.  New Jersey does not prey upon our drivers with the use of cameras.  Other states are able to prosecute us through the cooperation of our MVC with their cameras.  This bill will protect our motorists from this predatory practice.”

“We now have overwhelming proof that red-light and speed cameras don’t improve safety” said Senator O’Scanlon. “Every competent, independent, rigorous study done to date has shown that there is a net decrease in safety when these systems are employed.  There is absolutely no reason why New Jersey should be complicit in these corrupt, highway robbery schemes.”

“For years, I helped lead the bi-partisan fight against for-profit camera enforcement here in New Jersey. It amounts to nothing more than thinly-veiled government sanctioned theft. We won the battle here; now it’s time to shield our residents from the even more egregious schemes in other states. Don’t let anyone fool you – it’s got nothing to do with safety. It’s all about the dollars.” said Senator Scutari (D-Middlesex/Somerset/Union).

The bill introduced by the Democrat and Republican legislators prohibits the New Jersey MVC from providing identifying information to camera enforcement entities, thus making it impossible to issue tickets for automated enforcement infractions to New Jersey motorists.

“These cameras are almost invariably placed where they’ll generate the most money, frequently at intersections with shortened yellow lights or roads with speed limits set to guarantee huge numbers of tickets. Profit-motivated enforcement is invariably corrupting. These tickets are an annoyance to those that can afford them. The people most impacted by these systems are the poor and working middle class.  The impact can be devastating to those living paycheck to paycheck. New Jersey shouldn’t facilitate such theft from our citizens” said Senator O’Scanlon.