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Sacco Will Support Meaningful Reforms

TRENTON – Senator Nicholas Sacco, D-Hudson and Bergen, today said he will support meaningful government reforms which produce significant savings for taxpayers.

“I am proud of my career in public education which began in 1968. The voters of North Bergen and the 32nd Legislative District have honored me with their support as Mayor and as their State Senator respectively. I strongly disagree with Senator Gormley if he is suggesting that my professional career and my elective offices represent an abuse of the pension system. I have paid the required maximum pension contributions every year. If voters choose someone else, that person will qualify for a salary and a pension as long as the required contributions are made. If 400 people do the work of the top 200 State pensioners, will there be savings to taxpayers? There are areas where pension abuses can be eliminated and I will support those reforms. As a Mayor and as a State Senator, I am committed to finding significant reforms to provide property tax relief for residents of North Bergen and the 32nd District. I just won’t offer up my professional career and my service to my constituents as fodder for political grandstanding.”

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