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Sarlo Bill Allowing ‘Remote Raffles’ Now Law

Trenton – The Governor today signed into law a bill, S-2842, authored by Senator Paul Sarlo, that will allow non-profits and other organizations previously eligible to conduct raffles to resume the revenue-raising activities at large sporting events remotely.
“These games serve as an important source of funding and outreach for non-profits,” said Senator Sarlo (D-Bergen). “The nature of the activities makes it all but impossible to follow social distancing guidelines, meaning they had to shut down. They need this revenue to survive and to continue doing charitable work. Conducting the raffles remotely will allow them to resume their activities and do it safely.”
Tickets for the raffles will only be permitted to be sold within the geographic area of the sporting venue, where social distancing and other safety measures are practiced. The law will also permit tickets to be sold remotely using the Internet or other electronic means so long as the organizations conducting the raffle use geolocation technology to ensure raffle tickets will be sold only to individuals located in New Jersey.