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Sarlo Impressed By Effectiveness Of School Uniforms At New Middle School

GARFIELD – After speaking with a group of 350 students and teachers at the recently opened Garfield Middle School, Senator Paul Sarlo said he was impressed with how effective school uniforms seemed to be in the new school.

“I sensed after speaking with the students and teachers that the school uniforms have helped to create a learning environment that was both safer and more productive,:” said Senator Sarlo, D-Bergen, Essex and Passaic. “From what I saw today, I think that uniforms are something that every school should at least consider.”

Senator Sarlo noted that the uniforms were required the students and on a volunteer basis for teachers, with students wearing blue golf shirts and tan khakis while teachers wear maroon golf shirts with tan khakis.

“From a security standpoint, The schools are certainly safer when everyone is wearing the same uniform. It makes it much easier to spot people who do not belong in the schools. Gangs will find it much more difficult to recruit in Garfield Middle School,” added Senator Sarlo.

Senator Sarlo also noted that school uniforms could be particularly helpful for parents, making it easier and more affordable to dress their children for school.

“Dressing for school causes social pressure for students which lead to economic pressures for parents; school uniforms alleviate such pressures. With these pressures removed, students can focus more on learning and less on impressing their classmates,” explained Senator Sarlo.

Senator Sarlo was at Garfield Middle School today to meet with students and teachers, as well as tour the new school. The school, built with $35 million dollars provided by the New Jersey Schools Construction Corporation, opened its doors for the first time in September.

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