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Sarlo On ‘Jersey Shore’ Tax Credit: When Governor Fails To Support Worthwhile Programs, This Is What Happens

Senator Paul A. Sarlo speaks with municipal officials during the League of Municipalities Mayors Legislative Day at the Statehouse Annex on Wednesday, February 24.

TRENTON – Senator Paul A. Sarlo (D-Bergen, Essex and Passaic) issued the following statement today regarding the New Jersey Economic Development Authority approving $420,000 in tax credits for the television show “Jersey Shore”:

“Governor Christie’s veto of the tax credit legislation I sponsored is what drove worthwhile shows like ‘Law and Order’ out of New Jersey and into the waiting arms of other states that would gladly take their business. So it should come as no shock that when quality TV programming leaves, repulsive shows like ‘Jersey Shore’ will be there to grab taxpayer’s money.

“It is the height of hypocrisy for the governor to issue statements about how awful he thinks the show is, but then create the kind of atmosphere that allows that same show to benefit from New Jersey taxpayer dollars. I guess the governor can add the cast of ‘Jersey Shore’ to New Jersey’s millionaires as the only group of folks who seem to be benefiting in Chris Christie’s New Jersey.

“Let us just hope against hope that New Jersey taxpayers don’t end up paying for Snooki’s bail the next time she is arrested. What a terrible, terrible and misguided waste.”