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Sarlo Statement on Governor’s Budget Proposal

Trenton – Senator Paul Sarlo, the chairman of the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee, issued the following statement on Governor Phil Murphy’s budget proposal for Fiscal Year 2022:
“This is a reasonable proposal that makes use of anticipated resources to address the expected needs of the people of New Jersey as we work our way through the vaccination phase of the pandemic. In many respects, this continues to be a COVID-19 budget that prioritizes the health and safety of the state’s residents and helps alleviate the economic consequences imposed on working families, small businesses and others.
“We have the advantage of state revenues that are higher than anticipated. The Governor’s spending plan does a good job of using these funds to address emergent needs and to continue to invest in our priorities, including a full pension payment that saves money in the long-run, increased school aid and much-needed support for small businesses.
“But, the economy continues to be fragile so we should not be near-sighted about fiscal conditions. Because we have been relying on federal aid with a limited lifespan and on long-term borrowing to bridge the gap, we should put this spending plan into a two-year perspective so we avoid a ‘fiscal cliff’ with the drop-off of revenue in the near future.
“The Governor has done his job by presenting us with a budget proposal and it is now the Legislature’s responsibility to give the proposal a thorough review and put in place a fiscally responsible spending plan. We will work to produce a state budget that maximizes the effectiveness of government services and makes the best use of public resources.”