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Sarlo: This Year’s Hall Of Fame Inductees Are Truly Some Of The Greatest New Jersyans

Senator Paul A Sarlo, sponsor of the law to authorize the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority to establish the New Jersey Hall of Fame, released the following statement today following the unveiling of the first 15 inductees at a news conference here.

Those inducted at the ceremonies, attended by Governor Corzine, were: Albert Einstein, Clara Barton, Thomas Edison, Harriet Tubman, Norman Schwarzkopf, Yogi Berra, Bill Bradley, Vince Lombardi, Buzz Aldrin, Malcolm Forbes, Robert Wood Johnson, Frank Sinatra, Meryl Streep and Bruce Springsteen.

“Obviously, these New Jersey Hall of Fame inductees are known the world over for their significant contributions to science, music, the arts, sports and industry,” said Senator Sarlo, D-Bergen, Passaic and Essex. “It’s only fitting that we establish a forum to showcase these achievers who were either born here or chose to live in our great State.”

According to Senator Sarlo, the law created the 17-member New Jersey Hall of Fame Advisory Commission, which includes the 11-member board of directors of the New Jersey Sports Hall of Fame and four members appointed by the Governor, Senate President and Assembly Speaker and two ex officio members. ###