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Scutari and Coughlin: It’s an Honor to be Sued by the NRA

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TRENTON – Senate President Nick Scutari and Assembly Speaker Craig Coughlin issued the following joint statement on the gun lobby’s ongoing challenge to gun safety laws, in advance of arguments at the Third Circuit Court of Appeals:

“Parents have the right to know that when they drop their children off at daycare or a high school soccer game, they aren’t going to be victims of gun violence. Families visiting loved ones in a hospital have the right to know they’ll be safe from guns. People out for a celebratory dinner have the right to know the restaurant they’re at isn’t serving alcohol to people with dangerous weapons.

“We are proud that our common-sense approach to gun violence has made New Jersey the safest state in the country. We’re not surprised the same people who think you should be able to bring loaded weapons to political rallies, Springsteen concerts, or Jets games are suing us. In fact, it’s an honor to stand up for the people of New Jersey.

“We have faith the courts will understand the law we passed is rooted in historical practices and is consistent with our Constitution. But no matter what happens, we will never stop fighting to keep our communities safe from gun violence.”