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Scutari Statement on Action by CRC

TRENTON – Senate President Nick Scutari issued the following statement in response to today’s action by the Cannabis Regulatory Commission certifying seven Alternative Treatment Centers for adult-use cannabis sales:


“I am happy to see that progress has been made, but we need to find ways to do better and in a timely way.


“I will move forward with legislative oversight hearings so we can get an understanding of the delays, the uncertainties and any obstacles that hinder the full implementation of the cannabis law. The special committee will engage in a fact-finding process with a problem solving mission. We need to find ways to continue the expansion of medical dispensaries to the recreational market and get the adult-use retail facilities up and running.


“We have to determine what can be done to reduce the costs of medical marijuana. Affordability and availability must be priorities for medical consumers who rely on cannabis for health reasons.


“We have to ensure the availability of enough cannabis to meet the needs of both the medical and recreational markets and how these supply needs are addressed in the ongoing approval process.


“There are also issues of banking and social equity that should be reviewed. We need to know that the provisions of the law that promote diversity in the industry are being implemented and that resources will be provided to the communities that were adversely impacted by past drug laws.


“I want the hearings to be productive. It is in everyone’s best interest to find solutions so we can move forward with a legal marijuana market in New Jersey that operates safely, fairly and effectively.”