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Scutari Statement on Senate Confirmations of Fasciale and Wainer Apter to Supreme Court


Trenton – Senate President Nick Scutari issued the following statement on the Senate’s confirmation of Douglas Fasciale and Rachel Wainer Apter to serve on the New Jersey Supreme Court:


“Douglas Fasciale is a highly respected appellate court judge with extensive courtroom experience as a jurist and attorney. He has a distinguished record as a presiding judge of both the criminal and civil divisions, as a Superior Court judge, and as a practicing attorney. He knows the law, values the role of the judiciary and makes sound judgments. I am confident that he will excel as a member of the Supreme Court.


“Rachel Wainer Apter has an outstanding educational background and is a highly accomplished civil rights lawyer who has dedicated her professional life to the fight for equal treatment under the law. She will serve in the finest legal traditions of our state’s highest court, where she will use her talents effectively and honorably.”