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Scutari Statement on Uvalde Shooting

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Trenton – Senate President Nicholas Scutari issued the following statement on yesterday’s school shooting in Uvalde, Texas:

“Yesterday’s shooting is a harrowing reminder of the consequences of years of inaction. New Jersey has been a leader in enacting common sense gun reforms and it is time states around the country catch up. We have some of the strongest gun control laws in the country, including two gun safety packages approved by the Senate and enacted into law by Governor Murphy. I will keep an open mind on any additional actions that will reduce gun violence.

“Not only do we need stronger laws federally and in other states on access to firearms, but it is time we hold gun manufacturers accountable the same way we hold any other manufacturer accountable. It has been nearly ten years since the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting shook our nation. We cannot afford to allow another decade to pass without action.”