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Sen. Cunningham Issues Statement on President’s Immigration Announcement

Senator Sandra Bolden Cunningham, D-Hudson, listens to testimony before the Senate Budget Committee during one of the committee’s hearings on the FY 2012 Budget.

TRENTON – Following President Trump’s Executive Orders to start building a border wall with Mexico and clamp down on undocumented immigrants living in the country, Senator Sandra Cunningham issued the following statement:

“President Trump talks about his movement, but what he doesn’t understand is that no movement is more powerful and impactful to our country than immigration. The ideas and history behind people coming to this country and filling it with diversity and culture are what make America great. Not a wall.

“There is no room in our country for division at this time. We are richer because of our diversity, and I will help to make sure the immigrants who call America and my district home have a voice.”