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Senate Approves Cryan Bill to Aid Veterans with Transportation Services


TRENTON – The Senate today approved a bill to aid and support veterans by identifying ways to improve transportation services for former members of the armed services. The measure, S-3113, is sponsored by Senator Joe Cryan, the chairman of the Senate Military and Veterans’ Affairs Committee.

The bill would have the department establish the “Disabled Veterans Transportation Task Force” to identify ways to improve and increase transportation services that are so important to disabled veterans. 

“Disabled vets face serious mobility challenges that make it hard for them to get to where they need to go, including medical appointments, grocery stores, employment appointments and veterans’ centers,” said Senator Cryan (D-Union). “We need to get a clear understanding of all the transportation obstacles that are in their way and find solutions to overcome them. Disabled veterans have earned the right to the transportation services they need. We want to make sure they get them.”

Senator Cryan said that access to veterans’ medical facilities is critical and that public transportation, by itself, is not sufficient for those with disabilities.

The task force would include representation from the Department of Transportation, NJ Transit, the Adjutant General, disabled veterans, veterans’ organizations and representatives of county commissioners. The members would come from different regions of New Jersey.

According to the bill, the task force would issue an interim report with recommendations within six months and a completed report to the Legislature and Governor within one year.

The Senate vote was 37-0.