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Senate Approves Sarlo Bill Making ‘User-Friendly’ Info on State Finances Publicly Available


TRENTON – A bill sponsored by Senator Paul Sarlo that would make “user-friendly” financial information readily available to the public was approved by the Senate today. The legislation, S-1884, would require the State Auditor to make the state’s Annual Comprehensive Financial Report easily accessible and to use understandable language that summarizes state finances.


The report, done annually, provides information that focuses on New Jersey’s overall financial health and addresses items such as the state’s revenues, spending, assets and liabilities, but it is a voluminous report that relies on financial data that is difficult for many people to understand.


“Information on state finances should be readily accessible to the public,” said Senator Sarlo, who chairs the Senate Budget Committee. “The State Auditor’s report is thorough and objective, but it also should be ‘translated’ into language that is easily understandable to everyone.”


The bill would have the auditor add to its report a summary of the state’s financial conditions, the accuracy of preceding revenue projections and cash reserves. The report would include comparisons to fiscal conditions in neighboring states to help put New Jersey’s economic circumstances into context, Senator Sarlo said.


The auditor would be required to present the report to the Legislature in a public hearing.


The Senate vote was 34 – 0.