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Senate Majority Leader Praises New Jersey Transit’s Willingness To Listen And Respond To Bus Cut Concerns

Buono & Mayor Stahl Pleased that East Brunswick Bus Routes Slated for Elimination Will Be Restored

EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ – Senate Majority Leader Barbara Buono (D-Middlesex) today praised NJ Transit for heeding the concerns of East Brunswick area commuters and making a move to restore two of the three bus routes that were slated for elimination over budget concerns. Senator Buono was joined by East Brunswick Mayor David Stahl in praising New Jersey Transit’s willingness to listen to concerns and respond with a positive solution.

Both officials have been inundated with correspondence from constituents alarmed by NJ Transit’s initial announcement that the only three bus lines proposed for elimination throughout the state were those that serve the East Brunswick area. The final decision on the route restorations is expected to come on Wednesday after NJ Transit’s Board of Directors meets to consider all of the agency’s proposed changes.

“Commuters in my district will be pleased to know that their appeals did not fall on deaf ears,” said Senator Buono. “I’m appreciative that NJ Transit agreed to hold a public hearing in Middlesex County and respond to our concerns. East Brunswick and the surrounding area is home to one of the largest daily commuter populations in the state. Had all three of these bus routes been eliminated, the effects would have been disastrous, both for commuters and our roadways.”

Upon hearing of the news in early March that NJ Transit would be eliminating all three bus lines that service the heavy commuter population in East Brunswick, Senator Buono reached out to the agency and arranged a meeting between herself, Executive Director Jim Weinstein and East Brunswick Mayor David Stahl. Senator Buono was also successful in getting NJ Transit to agree to hold a public hearing in East Brunswick on the proposed changes so that commuters affected by the plans would have a chance to voice their concerns.

In light of these events, NJ Transit informed Senator Buono today that the agency intends to keep the #68 bus line to Jersey City and Weehawken and the #138 line to the New York Port Authority station in mid-town Manhattan. The agency will continue with plans to eliminate the #134 bus line to lower Manhattan, however, the route is expected to be picked up by private bus carrier Suburban.

“As a result of our efforts to arrange an opportunity to meet with Jim Weinstein, as well as to persuade NJ Transit to hold a public hearing, the agency has listened to the concerns of commuters and public officials and changed their course for the better. We are all thankful for this decision,” said East Brunswick Mayor David Stahl.

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