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Senate Passes Kenny Bill to Take ‘Acting’ Out of Governor’s Title

TRENTON – The Senate today approved a bill sponsored by Senate Majority Leader Bernard F. Kenny Jr. to remove “Acting” from the title of Acting Governor Richard J. Codey on official documents. The vote was 36-0 and it now goes to the Assembly.

“New Jersey didn’t get an actor when it got Dick Codey as Governor,” said Senator Kenny, D-Hudson. “I just think we should remove the “Acting” part of the title as an honor for a job well done.”

The Kenny bill, S-2830, co-sponsored by Senate Minority Leader Leonard Lance, would remove the word ‘Acting’ from an Acting Governor’s title if he or she served at least six months. It also would apply to former Acting Governor Donald DiFrancesco because it would be retroactive to 2001.

“The ‘acting’ part makes it sound too much like he was ‘trying’ to be the Governor, but Dick Codey has fully shown has ability to lead this State admirably,” said Senator Kenny.

Codey replaced former Governor McGreevey who resigned on Nov. 15, 2004. DiFrancesco became Governor in 2001when Whitman left to join the Bush Administration.

Senator Kenny also saluted DiFrancesco’s performance as the State’s Chief Executive.

“Senator DiFrancesco was at the helm when New Jersey endured the tragedy and the heartbreak of September 11th, 2001 and his leadership was outstanding throughout,” Senator Kenny said.

The measure may only apply to Codey and DiFrancesco since voters just authorized a change in the State Constitution to create an Office of Lieutenant Governor in 2009.