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Senate Passes Pou Bill to Allow Digital Delivery of Portable Electronic Insurance Information

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TRENTON – In an effort to modernize portable electronic insurance law, the Senate passed legislation today sponsored by Senator Nellie Pou that would allow portable electronic insurers to deliver notices and documents for insured devices electronically.

“Using smartphones or tablets has become a necessary part of everyday life, and more people are choosing to insure these expensive electronic devices,” said Senator Pou (D-Passaic/Bergen). “By adding a digital option for insurers to deliver documents, we are modernizing current law and making it more convenient for insurers and their customers to communicate and access information.”

The bill, S-1325, expands the ability for portable electronic insurers to deliver notices and documents pertaining to insured devices to include an electronic mail option. Current law requires that documents regarding insurance policies only be delivered by mail. Consumers would now have either a digital or traditional postal service option, and can choose whichever their preference is.

The legislation was approved by the Senate in an 37-0 vote.