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Senate Passes Sarlo Measure Urging Nfl To Choose New Meadowlands Stadium As Super Bowl Site

TRENTON — The Senate today passed legislation sponsored by Senator Paul Sarlo urging the National Football League to select the new Meadowlands Stadium as host to Super Bowl XLVIII in 2014.

“The Meadowlands will soon be home to pro football’s newest stadium in the world’s biggest market,” said Sarlo (D-Bergen), whose district includes the stadium complex. “The NFL would be making a huge mistake in passing up a chance to put the year’s biggest game on the league’s biggest and best stage.”

The NFL recently waived its requirement that cities bidding to host a Super Bowl have either a 50-degree minimum outdoor temperature in early February or a climate-controlled indoor field to allow the Giants and Jets to bid on behalf of their open-air Meadowlands stadium.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell recently offered support to the Meadowlands’ case, telling the New York Daily News, “playing in the elements is central to the way the game of football is played,” and “being able to do that and celebrate the game of football in the No. 1 market could have tremendous benefits.”

Sarlo said the state would benefit not only from the publicity surrounding the game, but also from the revenues brought in through ticket and concession sales and increased economic activity at hotels and restaurants.

Other cities expected to compete for the game are Miami, Glendale, Tampa and Houston. A final decision will come during the league’s spring meetings in Dallas in late May.

Sarlo noted that the 1958 NFL championship game between the New York Giants and Baltimore Colts – often called “The Greatest Game Ever Played” – took place in Yankee Stadium on Dec. 28.

“Fans know that football is at its best when the mercury drops and the elements themselves are crucial to the game,” said Sarlo.

The measure (SR-35) was cosponsored by Senate Republican Leader Thomas Kean, Jr. (R-Union/Essex/Morris/Somerset).

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