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Senate Strongly Condemns Extremist Capitol Protestors, Calls for President Trump’s Removal

Trenton – In response to last week’s violent assault on the U.S. Capitol, and President Donald J. Trump’s role in inciting the angry mob who unlawfully took part in an insurrection that endangered the halls of our government, its elected leaders and our most cherished democratic institutions, the New Jersey Senate today issued a strongly-worded resolution, introduced by Senator Ron Rice and Senator Dawn Addiego, denouncing this violence and calling for President Trump’s removal from office.
“Last week, we saw a level of unbridled violence and lawlessness turned on the U.S. Capitol that was unprecedented in modern times. A lot of people were harmed, and some people were killed, including a Capitol Police officer, who was a native of New Jersey,” said Senator Rice, (D-Essex). “President Trump incited this mob, and he must either resign or be removed from office before he does more damage to our nation, and to our Constitution.”
“The United States Capitol is the seat of our free and democratic government, and yet our current president incited a riotous mob to storm the doors of that building, seeking to wreak havoc, vandalize the sacred offices inside its walls, and to perpetrate violence on those inside seeking to carry out the government’s business,” said Senator Addiego (D- Atlantic, Burlington and Camden). “This horrible act went against all the freedoms and liberties we hold dear in this country. President Trump has violated his oath, and our Constitution, and he must leave office immediately.”
The resolution, SR-106, approved with a vote of 24-4, was co-sponsored by every member of the Senate Democratic caucus.