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Senator Lesniak’s Statement On COAH Reform Legislation

UNION — Senator Raymond J. Lesniak, chair of the Senate Economic Growth Committee, released the following statement regarding the current Council on Affordable Housing’s (COAH) mandates, and his legislation to address the short-comings in the current affordable housing law and regulations:

“I have proposed a bill (S 2485) which would fix the faults in the current COAH guidelines that are stifling job growth and economic development in New Jersey. The bill would suspend the 2.5% development fee strangling our economic recovery as well as direct the State Housing Commission to recommend sound planning and economic principles sorely lacking in the current COAH mandates and regulations.

“I strongly urge Governor Corzine and the Senate and Assembly legislators to support this bill which will provide for affordable housing as well as relieve municipalities from the current over-reaching COAH mandates. Without substantive reform of how New Jersey meets its affordable housing obligations, we stand to do more harm than good for the future prosperity of the Garden State.”

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