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Senator Norcross Statement On Residency Bill

TRENTON – Senator Donald Norcross (D-Camden) released the following statement regarding today�s press conference on legislation (S-1730) he introduced that would establish a residency requirement for New Jersey public workers:

“I appreciate the representatives from Pennsylvania making the trip across the river to voice their concerns on my proposal.

“Let me be clear: This legislation has nothing to do with border wars; it is about fairness to New Jersey taxpayers. While I respect the opinions of my fellow legislators, my first duty is to the working men and women of New Jersey that elected me to office.

“That being said, we are currently working on changes to the legislation. I’ve had preliminary discussions with stakeholders and am open to talking further about amendments, including a grandfather provision for current employees, that could make this a better bill.

“I still believe workers whose salaries and benefits are paid by New Jerseyans should live in the state and participate in the very system that supports them.

“As I’ve said all along, the final version of this bill will be the result of discussion with all interested parties – legislators, public workers, as well as taxpayers – and will ensure that no one is unduly burdened.

“The intent of my legislation, however, will remain unchanged.”