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Senator Pou Hails State Funding Allocation for the Paterson Museum

Trenton – Highlighting her efforts to expand the reach and mission of the Paterson Museum, and to make sure it has resources needed to continue to tell the city’s story, as well as explain the impact of the Great Falls on American history, Senator Nellie Pou is glad to recognize a budgetary allocation coming to the museum in order to help keep up its good work.

“The Paterson Museum — located in the heart of the national historic district and near to the Great Falls — plays a critical role in telling Paterson’s story, which is in many ways an immigrant story, as well as a uniquely American story,” said Senator Pou (D-Passaic/Bergen). “This funding will help the museum to modernize and expand and to tell that story more effectively so that visitors of all ages can see and feel the shape of this history, and not just read about it.”

“Paterson Museum is one of the most significant institutions in this City. We value our collections and the deep rich history it holds. We are excited to receive this funding which will allow us continue the long-term care to preserve this historic landmark. We sincerely thank Senator Nellie Pou for her help in securing this grant which will help us meet vital needs,” said Corey Fleming, Director of Paterson Library & Museum.

“With heartfelt appreciation, we, as the Museum Board extend our thanks to Senator Nellie Pou for this invaluable grant provided to our museum. Through this support, you have not only breathed life into history but also enriched the future of generations to come. Your commitment to preserving culture and knowledge serves as an inspiration to us all,” said Derya Taskin, President of Paterson Library & Museum Board.

The Paterson Museum grants will go toward meeting critical capital needs, including a resurfacing of the Rogers Building Parking Lot, repairing the Main Entrance Walkway, updating and repairing the Emergency Fire Exit and refurbishing the museum’s Northside exit and backdoor.

The Paterson Museum, first organized in 1925, has always maintained an educational aspect as part of its core mission. This includes an interpretive history of the Great Falls, a primer on the silk mills that helped power the Industrial Revolution, as well as a focus on innovators and inventors such as John Holland, the so-called ‘father of the modern submarine,’ and Sam Colt, who perfected the repeating cylinder revolver.