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Senator Redd Reaction To Governor Corzine’s State Of The State Address

Senator Dana Redd  (D-Camden and Gloucester)

TRENTON – Senator Dana Redd, D-Camden and Gloucester, and Vice Chairwoman of the Senate Community and Urban Affairs Committee, issued the following statement regarding the Governor’s State of the State Address delivered yesterday to a joint session of the State Legislature:

“In light of yesterday’s State of the State Address, and the challenges we face as a State in the midst of one of the worst economic meltdowns in the history of our nation, we must work together to effectively and efficiently do the people’s business.

“While there’s room for people of good intention to have differences of opinion – and the diversity of ideas is part of what makes our democracy great – we cannot allow partisan bickering and political one-upmanship to be the order of the day.

“I think the Governor appropriately opened his door to ideas from either side of the political aisle, so long as they are in the people’s best interest. As we work to overcome the many challenges we face in today’s economic climate, we’re going to need the wisdom of both parties to see our way through.”