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Senator Ruiz Statement on Trump Administration DACA Decision

Sen. M. Teresa Ruiz (D-Essex) testifies in support of legislation that provides in-state tuition to undocumented young adults.

 TRENTON – Senator M. Teresa Ruiz (D-Essex) issued the following statement on the announcement by Attorney General Jeff Sessions regarding the Trump Administration’s decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program created by President Obama in 2012:

 “President Trump’s decision to end DACA is wrong. Dreamers enrich our local communities, strengthen our country and are a reflection of the values that make America great. They didn’t make the decision to enter the U.S. illegally and shouldn’t be punished as a result.

 “The President’s decision will subject over 800,000 Dreamers to deportation action based on circumstances over which they had no control. It should be noted that to obtain and maintain DACA one has to have a spotless criminal record and either completed high school or be in the midst of attending school or an accredited higher education program. All Dreamers have now been in the U.S. for more than a decade after being brought here as minors by their parents. This country is their home. Ending DACA is not only wrong, it is also inhumane and contrary to who we are as Americans.

 “New Jersey has over 22,000 Dreamers who are recipients of DACA. They are employed, they attend our universities, they live in our communities, they are our neighbors, our children’s friends, our coworkers, and they are part of our state and our country. This senseless and counterproductive decision by the Trump Administration is going to hurt our communities and tear apart families. Make no mistake, it will also harm our economy.

 “I urge Congress to take a stand and to ensure that Dreamers are able to continue living, working, studying and making a life for themselves and their families in the United States. I am committed to working with our congressional delegation to keep DACA intact and allow these young people to continue to succeed in the only country they know.”