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Senator Scutari Meets With Local Scouts

Senator Scutari took time off from reviewing gubernatorial nominees as the Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee yesterday to meet with members of local Boy Scout Troop 310. One of the requirements for Scouts Andrew and Daniel Wojciak to attain the rank of “First Class” was to meet with an elected official and to discuss constitutional rights and obligations we have as U.S. citizens. In addition to civil duties such as serving on a jury, or the right to due process of law, Scutari emphasized the importance of voting in local, state, and national elections. Topics ranging from creation and implementation of laws to governmental policy, public service, and community involvement were also discussed.

“I feel it is of paramount importance that we educate today’s youth not only on their constitutional obligations, but also their rights as Americans,” Scutari said. “These Scouts, and others like them, should be commended for their initiative to become educated in that regard.”

In addition to interviewing elected officials, civil servants, or teachers Boy Scout Troop 310 is involved in a number of community service initiatives. The Troop recently completed a cleanup project at the Rahway River and will also be serving the community by clearing debris, and marking and preparing the graves of Piscataway’s Veteran’s for Memorial Day as part of Scout Chris Sachs’ Eagle Service Project.

“As an Eagle Scout I experienced first hand the impact Scouting and other similar activities can have on developing skills and attitudes which benefit New Jersey communities. I am encouraged that the current generation recognizes the necessity of citizen involvement and the importance of community service,” Scutari said.