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TRENTONSenator Shirley K. Turner issued the following statement today on the recently-announced Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield alliance, which excluded many hospitals throughout the state including Trenton-area health facilities:

“I have real concerns about this industry-created plan and its potential impact on hospitals and residents both in my district and throughout the state. There are no Trenton-area hospitals included in the Horizon alliance and Saint Francis was reportedly denied entry into this ‘members-only club.’ The impact of this deal on Saint Francis and other hospitals that serve needy residents could be significant.

“This could also prove especially burdensome to consumers. My district is home to a large number of state employees who could potentially see higher costs and a lack of choice in providers. There is no doubt that this needs a close vetting at the state level before it moves forward. Our responsibility as a state is to protect the health and wellbeing of our residents, and part of that is ensuring choice and affordability in the health care services that residents and their families depend on. Unfortunately, it appears that if this plan takes effect as envisioned, Horizon will hold all the cards.”